Introduction: Silent Air Compressor

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when being a DIYer fixing cars and doing project at home an air compressor becomes an essential. but buying an air compressor was terrible idea coz my neighbours are few meters away from the garage and no one can stand the noise that compressor make. so making a diy silent air compressor from scratch was the best idea.

Step 1: Requirements

1- the air compressor itself

to make a silent air compressor I decided to take an air compressor from an old refrigerator that I've found in the scrap. you can have any air compressor from fridge or air conditioner they are silent and cheap to buy.

2- propane gas cylinder.

I got an gas cylinder for cheap price to make it as the air tank , it size was perfect to me. you can use any size and shape of tank but make sure that it can handle the high pressure otherwise a tragedy might happen.

3- water pipes different sizes

4- plastic tubes that are for high pressure

5- Air compressor pressure control switch

6- paint

Step 2: Preparing the Cylinder

I started buy preparing the propane cylinder of course first of all make sure that it is empty. then I removed the regulator which was pretty tough.

I cleaned and washed the cylinder both from inside and outside and then I made a hole at the bottom and attached drain valve, the reason for that is when air get compressed it has a lot of moisture in it which will convert to a water. if I don't drain this water from time to time. the tank will be filled with water which will cause rust and damage the cylinder walls.

Step 3: Painting

I removed the old paint from outside to repaint it and give it a nice look (this is optional).

but also I painted the inside cylinder walls and this is very important step coz if you dont after time the walls will get rusty and this is very dengourus.

I did that by pouring the paint into the regulator hole , and then rotating the cylinder in all directions very well to make sure the paint cover the whole wall. and let it dty

Step 4: Installing the Compressor

after the cylinder is being ready, I mounted small piece of wood at the top of the cylinder to put the compressor on and I zip tied it to the cylinder.

as you can see from the photos I installed water pipe from the cylinder regulator hole to the air pressure switch. the air output will come from the cylinder to the pressure switch throw this pipe and then from the air pressure switch to the output which is the coil tube and it can be regulated.

there is a small screw inside the pressure switch to adjust the air pressure. when the pressure reach the sat air pressure the switch will cut off the electricity for the compressor which will stop it.

the compressor will fill the cylinder from another whole that I made at the side and I installed one way valve to only allow the air come from the compressor enter the cylinder but not the other way.

Step 5: The Result

you can see from the prictures the results and you can check the video to see .

if you have any questions please comment.

thank you