Introduction: Silent Hill Style Monster Costume

I will explain How I created my Silent Hill monster inspired costume I wore for halloween last year.

This costume has been a long running project for the past 4 halloweens and has just been improved and worked on each year but last year (2011) I decided to do an overhaul on the whole thing and improved on the stuff I didnt like about it

I will explain how i created the various parts in sections such as Body, Arms, Legs, and Other or Details


I started by purchasing a lyrca skin colored spandex suit If i remember correctly it was about 30 bucks and custom fit. The suit is a little plain as is so I used different shades skin colored spray paints to add a little more depth and mottled demon like skin texture to the suit. be aware that the latex doesnt react to painting very well and it will bleed so dont really plan on doing any extreme detail work as it will just end up blurry. I also Close pinned the eye holes shut to give it a bit of a creepy vibe but still allow myself to be able to see.


The Arm extensions were pretty simple to make. I bought 2 lengths of PVC pipe strong enough to hold my weight but not so thick that I would have a hard time holding one on each arm. I then Drilled a hole at the point where my fist lands when the top of the PVC pipe was at my elbow. and screwed in some pretty thick steel rods I found at the hardware store, for handles. then I wrapped the steel rods with some foam I found and covered the foam in duct tape for a nice comfortable grip. Then I made some layered duct tape straps further up that I would slip my arm into and it would hold on nice and snug against my forearm to add stability (think like a those crutches that clasp onto the wearers forearm) After that I purchased 2 rolls of lightweight foam bed mats from wal-mart and began wrapping the bottoms of the PVC poles in the foam to add thickness to the swollen arms. I used a lot of duct tape to hold the foam onto the PVC poles and used the Duct tape to shape the foam at the bottom into a more rounded shape [see picture]
once I had all those elements in place I bought some matching skin colored fabric to wrap the arm extensions with, I wrapped it nice and tight and tried my best to hide all seems, I was going for a swollen tight skin look. Then I painted the arms in the same fashion as the body suit to match. [see picture]


The legs for others might be a bit difficult because of the stilts I used. I have had the stilts for a long time and found them at a yard sale, I have not been able to find out what brand they are nor have I seen them online anywhere else... but bear with me as I assume the steps somewhat could be used on any stilts.
I used the same fabric that i used to wrap the arms in and wrapped very tightly around the stilts, which are just shaped like you see in the pictures, then I glued zippers into the backs so they would zip up nice and tight behind my calf's and help make the costume as seemless as possible. then I painted them to match the rest of the costume.


I used an airbrush gun to paint the details on the arms and legs explaining the veined look. and then I added some dirty spray painted mesh fabric around my waste and groin area to sort of help hide my... well... privates... I wanted to scare kids not ruin their minds...  then I added some black electrical tape wrapped tightly around the arm extensions to further make the arms look swollen

Throw everything together and you got yourself a huge lumbering monster to romp around in. the suit is quite fun to wear especially if your comfortable enough in the stilts to run in them. I had parents and kids taking pictures with me then I would get the teenagers that would taunt me thinking I couldnt do much besides walk around untill I started sprinting at them on all four limbs... good fun....

as always feel free to comment with any questions or anything :)
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