Introduction: Silk Floral Headband

Inspired by faux flower headbands popping up at U.O and Coachella and by the fresh flower daisy headbands I used to make as a child (and still do sometimes.) I set out to make a silk flower one myself. The results and instructions are as follows. Headbands like the one pictured cost around $25-100, my version can be made for under $5.

Step 1: Inspiration

Step 2: Materials

Stretchy "Sport" Headband (the thinner the better)
Silk Flowers
Thimble(not pictured)

Note about the materials: This is a really cheap project if you are smart about it. DON'T go to Joanne's Fabrics for the materials. The needle and thread I got at the Dollar Tree. The stretchy headband as well. Silk Flowers you can buy for a dollar at a thrift store (try Value Village). This project cost me under $5.

Step 3: Getting Started

Pick out the type and color of flower you want to use. I mixed and matched small pink ones and mediumish peachy ones. You could use larger flowers If you like but I tend to lean twords the subtler side, especially when in comes to trend pieces. Rip the silk flowers off their stems and cut off the plastic tips (shown) so that the flowers can easily be sewn flat onto the headband.

Step 4: Sewing.

Sew on your first flower!
Thread you needle through the headband and through the flower, sometimes layering the flowers (as shown) can create a really cool effect. Secure the flower onto the headband.

Step 5: Keep It Going!

Round the Headband we go.
Keep adding flowers until the whole headband is covered. I added a few leaves as well.

Step 6: Finished.

Your done!
enjoying rocking this look this summer at your next music fest.
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