Introduction: Simple Amber Stone and Rose Gold Anklet.

My ankle has been feeling very bare now that summer is here and I have started to wear shorts. I wanted to make a cheap, cute and simple anklet that I could wear with anything. This anklet cost under $5 to make and anyone can do it!

Step 1: Materials.

I would recommend going to your local bead store instead of say Joanne's Fabrics or Micheal's. The selection is so much greater and stuff is cheaper!

Amber bead $1
Fasteners $0.50
1 ft rose gold chain $1.50
Roll of wire $2

Note: make sure the hole of your bead is large enough to fit the width of two wires.

Step 2: Cut the Chain.

Cut your  1 ft chain into two pieces. 

Step 3: Thread Your Bead.

Thread a ~3inch piece of wire through your bead.

Step 4: Thread the Chain.

Thread one end of your chain through the wire. Then stick the other end of the wire in the same hole of your bead. Repeat this step with the other piece of wire of the other side of the bead.

Step 5: Attach Fasteners.

Now that your bead is attached to both pieces of wire make sure that the anklet fits how you like by holding it up to you ankle. You may have to cut of a bit of extra wire from both ends. Attach whatever type of fasteners you like. And you're ready to wear!

Enjoy rocking this anklet while wading in your favorite body of water or shopping downtown with friends!

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