Introduction: Silly Monster in a Jar

Are you looking for a cool, easy, and fun Halloween Decoration you can make right in your home? Well you've come to right place!

For this Halloween DIY you will need the following materials:

Mason Jar, White decorative shreds, Googly monster eyes, Witch hat picks, Glitter vase fillers, Construction paper, Glue and Scissors.

All of these materials should be fairly easy to find since it is Halloween season, I got all mine from a local Dollar Tree store!

This Halloween DIY should only take about 5-7 minutes depending on how creative you get.

Step 1: Add Glitter Vase Balls

First you want to add a few glitter vase fillers to the bottom of the mason jar so that it is covered. So when you lift the mason jar and look underneath you should only see balls surrounding that circle at the bottom on the jar.

Step 2: Add Decorative Shred & More Glitter Vase Fillers

Second, you want to take about a handful of the white decorative shred and place it inside the mason jar. Once you've done that take a couple more glitter vase fillers in drop those inside the mason jar as well. At this point you should have glitter vase fillers under the decorative shred and on top of the decorative shred.

Step 3: Add More Decorative Shred and Vase Fillers

You're halfway done with your jar! You want to add more decorative shred up until the neck part of the mason jar, you have the option to add more vase fillers during this step but it is your choice. Look inside the top of your jar and push down your materials inside your jar so that nothing will fall out. Your jar should be full once you finish this step.

Step 4: Glue Your Monster Googly Eyes

Get out your monster googly eyes and glue. This is the part where you can really show your creative side, you want to make your monster as silly and unique as possible. Take however many eyes you want and glue them on in any type of angle or position you'd like on the front/any side of the jar you want to be considered the front. (different depending on what type of jar you have)

Step 5: Cut Out Mouth

Take out your construction paper and scissors. Pick 1 piece of the color construction paper and cut out some sort of mouth piece for your monster. This may require you to draw it out on the paper first before cutting, but that is optional depending on how creative you want to get. If you're stuck, just cut out a circle however big or small and use as the mouth piece. Glue your mouth piece underneath the eyes. At this point you should have your monster looking exactly how you want him.

Step 6: Add Witch Hat Stick

Lastly you want to add your witch hat stick to the inside of the jar. You can make it lean in any direction, whatever is to your liking. Put on your finishing touches ensuring the monster is as unique as you want it.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Monster in Jar

Now that you're done you can put the jar on a counter top, on your front porch, in a window, etc. Put it wherever you'd like and enjoy your Halloween DIY!

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