Introduction: Silo Foosball Clubhouse

In this project, I convert an old grain bin (silo) into a foosball clubhouse using reclaimed pallet wood, scrap foam, and a few other parts. The written steps and pictures are below.

Click Here To See the Video version of the project.

Step 1: Cut in Doorway

Grain bins don't have people-sized doorways, so you have to add one. Use a metal saw to cut out a door-sized hole and push in a standard exterior door. Since you don't have to be picky about the size, you can usually pick one up on clearance, at large hardware stores. I got this one for $150. Glue the door in with Great Stuff. Yep, it is way stronger than you think.

Step 2: Pallet Studs, Paneling, and Foam

Since we want to heat and cool this clubhouse, we need to insulate it. Also, any sound you make inside a metal can will come right back at you, magnified. Whispers sound like talking. Talking sounds like screaming. A hard foosball shot will practically blow out your eardrums! So, it is important to cover the metal walls.

Studs are usually 1.5 inches thick, but these studs don't support any weight, so you can use 3/4 inch thick studs. I got all these for free, by reclaiming pallets that were being thrown away. Use wire to tie them to the wall, and then glue them on with Great Stuff.

Bend 4 by 8 sheets of paneling against the walls and screw them to the studs. Get the cheapest stuff you can find. I spent about $8 per sheet.

Collect scrap foam from friends and neighbors. They will gladly donate, because its nearly impossible to find a place to recycle it. Grind it up with a chipper/shredder, and pour it in the wall cavities for insulation. I posted another instructable on this process.

Also, you should test the foam, by jumping off a ladder into a big pile of it :)

Step 3: Decorate and Play!

Bring in the tables, decorate the walls, hang lights, and play Foosball!!!

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