Simple Angle Ruler




Introduction: Simple Angle Ruler

This is an simple angle ruler made from paper. To cut little wood or paper at an angle, easy to draw cutline.

Step 1:

It was inspired by a L-shaped square ruler. One of the convenient way of use is to draw slope line to material

Step 2:

Sometimes I need to cut materials by fixed angle. For example, to make octagonal frame. I want to cut 22.5 degrees. Square ruler is not suitable for such use.

Step 3:

This is how to use this paper scale.

  1. Center of radiation pattern to material edge.
  2. Scale line to material edge.
  3. Draw cutline.

Step 4:

How to make it.

  1. Print pdf or DXF CAD data.
  2. Glue to durable paper.
  3. Cut according to the cross mark.

If you make it from PDF data as it is, ruler size will 3x5 card size. If the aspect ratio is constant, it can be expanded freely.

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    2 years ago

    this looks very useful, would be nice printed on a credit card scale to keep in the wallet, I like the quick reference of the different shapes along with the relevant angles. I use a speed square for this kind of job, a feature I like a lot of the speed square is the lip, which helps keep the pivot point aligned to the edge, if I was making up your ruler I'd be tempted to glue a batten (popsticle stick?) to form a lip