Introduction: Simple Automatic Moving Robot Using Arduino & L293d IC

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This is a basic Robot operated by an arduino and what it does is that it just roams around and follow a circular path by default code but you can modify the code to change the path easily. It is a simple project which anyone can build. .So If You Ever thought about building a robot but thinking that it`s too difficult and costly , well try this, it`s not.This robot uses very simple code and can accomplish the task with ease.

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Step 1: Component Required:-

1xArduino Uno R3
1xL293D Motor driver IC
1xRobot chassis
2x Gear Motor
1x Castor wheel
1xPower bank or 5v battery
1x 9v battery
connecting wires
Double sided foam tape

Step 2: Links for All Components

Step 3: Circuit Diagram:-

Step 4: Steps:-

Make the chassis ready and find a good place to fix arduino, bread board & Power Bank on the chassis with the help of Double sided tape . And arrange everything on it. Now Follow these steps:-
✔ L293d IC - Power
1.Connect pin 1,8, 9 and 16 together and connect it to 5v Of Breadboard.(Red wire)
2.Connect pin 4,5 & 12,13 together and connect it to Gnd of breadboard.(black wire)
3.Connect your 1st motor to pin 3 and 64.Connect your 2nd motor to pin 11 and 14.
5.5-6 Volts connected to the Breadboard powering the motors& IC.
✔L293d IC - Arduino
1.Pin 2 from L293D IC Connects to Pin 12 on Arduino.
2.Pin 7 from L293D IC Connects to Pin 13 on Arduino.
3.Pin 10 from L293D IC Connects toPin 9 on Arduino
4.Pin 15 from L293D IC Connects to Pin10on Arduino
*."9 Volts battery to powering the Arduino Board"

Step 5: Arduino Program:-

circle by sk.ino

The code is very easy. You can also change and Modify the code and try different things. You Can Download the attached circle by sk.ino file and directly open it in Arduino IDE.

For coding credit goes to-NIkheel94

Arduino Controlled L293D Robot ( Part 1 - Update 1.0 )

Step 6: Have Fun!

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