Introduction: Simple BBLTT

The supplies you will need for the Simple BBLTT (Bagel, Bacon, Lettuce, Turkey, Tomato):

1. Bagel of your choice - I used plain

2. 2 strips of cooked bacon

3. 2 slices of turkey of your choice - I used smoked turkey

4. 2 pieces of crisp iceberg lettuce

5. 2 thin slices of a ripe tomato

6. 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise

Step 1: Add Mayonnaise

With your butter knife, spread the mayonnaise to one side of the bagel.

Step 2: Add Turkey

Take 2 slices of turkey of your choice and add it to the side of the bagel with the mayonnaise.

Step 3: Add Bacon

Add your 2 strips of crispy bacon to the top of the turkey.

Step 4: Add Tomato

Place your 2 thin sliced tomato to the top of the bacon.

Step 5: Add Lettuce

Add your 2 crisp pieces of iceberg lettuce to the top of the tomato.

Step 6: Add Mayo to Other Slice of Bagel

Take your butter knife and spread mayonnaise to the other slice of bagel.

Step 7: Add Top of the Bagel to Sandwich

Place the top of the bagel to the top of the sandwich.

Step 8: Final Step - Enjoy!

Finally, enjoy your Simple BBLTT!

Step 9: