Introduction: Simple CD Scratch Art

I found a lot of stunning examples of scratch art CDs when I was looking for program ideas, but I wasn't seeing much on what type of paint to use!

So after some experimenting, the main thing I found is to use cheap acrylic craft paint! I found the fact that it's slightly waterier than proper painting acrylics gives it a smoother finish. Which looks nice and is easier to scratch through than higher quality textured paint, and also stretches less. (Don't use cheap tempera craft paint, it either flakes off or adheres too much!)

Step 1: Gather Supplies

· Old or scratched CDs or DVDs (you can always see if you local library is getting rid of any, public use DVDs have a short life!)

· Acrylic craft paint

· Paintbrush (foam is best)

· Something with a sharp end to scratch through the paint–a thumbtack, nail or thick pin-even a key!

Step 2: Paint Your CD

Paint your CD. You want the shiny side up. It takes 2-3 layers of paint to cover the CDs completely. Let them dry between each coat. I find foam brushes give the most even coverage.

Brush the first layer of paint top to bottom.

Second layer side to side.

Third layer diagonally.

This ought to be enough that you won't see hints of the shimmery CD surface underneath, but if you do, just change the angle of your strokes and add another layer or two.

(This takes awhile with all the drying so I usually do a few at a time.)

Step 3: Scavenge and Scratch!

Find something with a pointed end to scratch out your art. (I found enormous thumb tacks that work great, pointed sculpting tools are also really good and the most comfortable to hold.)


Make an abstract design or doodle!

You can even sketch out what you want very lightly with pencil first. (You won't be able to erase this though, so go slowly and carefully!)

If you want to experiment, since the CD will be reflecting light, instead of shaping things with shadows like you do drawing with a pencil, scratch out the lighter places to shape with highlights instead!

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