Introduction: Simple CNC Cutting Board.

This idea started because I needed some cutting boards to engrave with my laser cutter. I had ordered some, but they arriving with knots or blemishes in the area I wanted to engrave.

I decided to use my small CNC to make them. This probably could have been done with a band saw or scroll saw, but I was excited to put my little CNC machine to good use.

The magic here is that I achieved this bigger part with the little router.


1 X Maple Board
1 X CNC Machine (I use a Sainsmart 3018)
1 X Band Saw Or Table Saw
1 X Orbital Sander or Sand Paper
1 X Router
1 X 1/8 Straight Bit (for CNC)
1 X 45° Chamfer Bit

Drum Sander

Step 1: Maple Board

The board i use is 7.25 "x .75" x 24".

I start with a maple board and cut it in half.

I have the design nested so the boards are more than 12 inches, so the cut is a zig zag..

Step 2: Designing the Part

I created the initial design in Inkscape. The design is based on boards I had used before, with small changes to make the curves tangent.

Step 3: CNC Programming.

I use Easel to create the G-code.

Import the SVG file from Inkscape.

Position the image.

Set the cut to cut outside the shape path, with the depth slide set all the way up (cut the full depth).

Select your bit (1/8 straight).

Step 4: Cut the Board

Make sure you have the board secured well with clamps.

You can see in the picture that the board is actually larger than my routers table. (7 x 11.75)

Set your zero point and cut away.

Step 5: Cut the Rest

Since the router was only used for the curve,I use a band saw to cut the remaining 3 sides.

I also drill a hole at the top at this point. (This could be done on the router too).

Step 6: Finishing

I use a drum sander on the drill press to remove the tabs left from the CNC. (Sand paper or file could be used).

The orbital sander helps me get a great surface on the board. (Sand paper would be fine for this too).

Next I us a router to put a 45 degree chamfer on the board. (Not shown).

I use Mineral Oil to finish the board, instead of buying an expensive oil I use this one intended as a laxative.

Step 7: Finished Cutting Board

Here is the finished board after laser engraving.

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