Introduction: Simple Foot Door Opener

My son is going into 6th grade came up with this idea to open a door hands free.

He thought this would be an easy to open the door without touching it.

We built this foot opener.




Step 1: Cut Out the Shapes

We cut out 4 pieces to make up the foot lever assembly.

After our first test we determined we had to cut the notch in the lever board. This allows you to pull it open with your foot.

Step 2: Assemble the Lever

Nail or screw the two smaller boards to the side of the main board to use as a pivot arm.
Attach the lever board with a screw on each side. Allow a gap so the board can pivot.
Install a screw or eyelet to attached the string to.

Step 3: Attach to Door

Attach the assembly to the door with screws.
We used double sided tape to attach because this was only temporary at this point.
Tie a string to the screw and run it to the handle and tie. We added some tape as it could slip off the handle.
Make sure the lever is up and the string has the correct length to pull the lever when stepped on.

Step 4: Test Your New Hands Free Door

We tested our first design and determined it would pull the lever but we couldn’t open the door. We came up with the idea of the u shape to allow us to pull the door with our foot.

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