Introduction: Simple CNC Board Game Using CAD Software (AHS)

This step by step guide will go over how to machine a small project on a Techno-isel CNC router.

Created by the students of Anacortes High School

Step 1: Converting CAD Document to Stl. File.

1. When you are finished with your part select file "export"

2. Select CAD format

3. Save as type: "STL Files (*.stl)" --- Click save.

Step 2: Uploading to Mesh Cam 6 Professional

1. Open Mesh Cam 6 Professional

2. File "open"

3. Select your part

4. Accept dimensions

5. Select "3 Axis" job type.

Note: If Mesh cam says your part is too large it may prompt you to re-size. Ignore this prompt, but if you do re-size you will just have to scale up your part again

Step 3: Define Zero

Zero is the point at which your CNC machine will start at on your part.

1. To select your zero point click the program zero button

2. Select the point at which you want to start machining your part

3. Click ok

Step 4: Machine Path

1. Select the machine path button in the bottom right corner

2. In the tool path parameters window make sure the "Machine whole path" and "enable roughing pass" options are selected.

3. Under finish in the tool path parameters window click "Enable finish pass" to give the part a clean finished look then click the "Cut X then Y" box, "waterline" box, and "Pencil clean up box".

4. Click 'OK' to start the tool path generation process.

5. The "Accept tool path" window will pop up make sure "rough operation" "Waterline finishing" "parallel finish" and "pencil finish" are selected.

6. Click save "tool path"

7. Click "done"

Step 5: CNC Machine Start Up

1. Place the drill bit in a central location on your cutting surface to ensure the machine is not on any limits before it is turned on.

2. Turn the machine on, the switch is located on the back.

3. If the LED light reads "2" then you are on a limit, if it reads "0" then you are not on any limits.

4. Open the "Techno GCODE interface" click the jog button. You now van control your CNC machine.

Step 6: Starting the Cut

1. In the Techno GCODE interface select "Translate/Execute"

2. Select the .ncd file you want to cut (when you saved your tool path in mesh cam it should automatically covert to .ncd from .stl)

3. Click on the preview button to make sure your tool path looks correct.

4. Make sure the bit is at the correct starting point on your material

5. Click the start button

Note: it is helpful to have a vacuum near by to clean up saw dust as your part cuts.