Introduction: Simple Chicken Pad Thai

Remember when you wanted to try something new? And found this really cute Thai restaurant nearby and the first thing you recognize on the menu is their famous signature dish – The Chicken Pad Thai. As soon as the waiter brings the dish over, you were hooked, but when the bill ranged up, you were disappointed. Now you don’t have to be, I have a simple and inexpensive way to lighten up the mood with this simple Chicken Pad Thai recipe and it will only take you 20 minutes and it will blow your mind with the amount of texture and ingredient that goes into this, that it makes you look like a pro.


Chicken Tenderloins – Palm Sugar (Sugar and Brown Sugar are acceptable, too) – Asian Fish Sauce – Rice Stick Noodles – Salt – Pepper – Onions – Green onions – Bean Sprout – Egg & Vegetable Oil

Wok (any non-stick pans works, too) - tongs - spatula - measurement cups

Step 1: Pad Thai Sauce

· Fish Sauce

· Palm Sugar

· Salt

Palm Sugar - 1 palm sugar (if purchase in solid form) or 2 tsp. of palm sugar (sugar form)

This usually comes in a solid form, usually round in size, so in order to blend this together for the sauce, you must melt this with boiling hot water. I use about 1/2 cup of water, so the density is thick and not water down, so it's in sugar liquid form and not to water down, so it doesn't take away the palm sugar taste.

But if you buy the palm sugar that's done similar to regular sugar, then use about 2 tsp. of palm sugar (As palm sugar is sweeter than regular sugar)

Fish Sauce - 2-3 tsp.

You want to use about 2-3 tsp. of fish sauce and nothing more, because you don't want the fish sauce to over power the sauce.

Salt - Pinch of salt

Now that you have the wet ingredient done separately, you want to get another small bowl and mix these two wet ingredients together (The color should change to a dark dense color, you want this as the two ingredients are dark in coloring).

And set it aside, as this will be use as the sauce to pour over the noodles, once we start cooking it.

Step 2: Main Ingredients

-· Chicken Tenderloins

· Rice Stick Noodles

· Bean Sprout

· Green Onions

· Onions

· Egg

· Garlic Cloves

Chicken Tenderloins – 4oz of chicken tenderloins (2 - 3 pieces of chicken tenderloins)

I prefer chicken tenderloins, as regular chicken breast can be overly dry and it takes away the taste from the sauce, but if you prefer chicken breast or if chicken tenderloins are unavailable, then that's perfectly fine as well, but you will need to make a couple of small adjustments to sauce, as the taste will differ by the different type of chicken.

Rice Stick Noodles - 1 Bag of Rice Stick Noodles

When choosing the rice stick noodles, it can be overwhelming, as there's probably over 100s different type of noodles and variety of different brand. For me I prefer the ones, that say's "Fresh Rice Stick Noodles", as these are fresh and moist, you don't need to pre soak them in water like some other ones that are more dry, so that way you can use and do a quick rinse in the water and throw them in the pan or wok.

Bean Sprout - 1 Bag

Use 1/2 bag, but if you love Bean Sprouts, then by all love, go for the entire bag, make sure you do a pre-rinse

Green Onions - 2 Green Onions

Chop about 2 green onions (Garnish)

Onions - 1 onion and slice them

Slice 1 onion thickly, you don't want thinly sliced onion, as this will be soggy with the noodles.

Egg- 1 Egg (Room temperature)

You want make sure you leave one egg out for room temperature, because cold eggs will break-up the noodles, leaving it stick at the bottom of pan and creating a mess and making the noodles not stick together. Don't beat the egg, you will crack the egg at the end once everything is put together, while you're cooking.

Garlic Cloves - 2-3 Garlic Cloves

First thing first, always peel the skin off from the garlic cloves, first. Then rinse them cleanly and then use a sharp knife and cut about 2-3 garlic cloves.

Step 3: All Set, Let's Do This!

When cooking and placing oil in the pan in high setting, be cautious and careful as cooking oil can be extremely dangerous.

When cooking any food, always cook the food thoroughly; raw food and undercooked food can lead to salmonella or food poisoning.

Always clean the food thoroughly even after the grocery store and use knives with cautious.

Clean after every use when cooking with raw food and clean all counters, cooking board, knives, tongs, and spatula when cooking with raw food. Never use the same spatula when cooking with raw food for another food.


  • Wok or any non-stick pan
  • Tongs
  • Spatula
  • Vegetable oil
  • Pad Thai Sauce (Palm Sugar and Fish Sauce)
  • Rice Stick Noodles
  • Chicken Tenderloins
  • Peanuts
  • Green Onions and Bean Sprout
  • Garlic and Onion
  • Egg


  • Stove setting at High and wait about 2 minutes before adding the oil
  • Add vegetable oil, stir for 1 minute
  • Onion and Garlic Gloves for 2 minutes
  • Cook Chicken First – 3 minutes
  • After your chicken is fully cook on both side; place it in a separate bowl
  • Place the Rice Stick Noodles – cook it for about 2 minutes
  • Add the sauce onto the noodle – 3 minutes
  • Add the cook chicken back in – 2 minutes
  • Green Onions and Bean Sprout – 1 minutes


Make sure the temperature setting is high, wait for the stove to heat up about 2 minutes, now place about 2 tsp. of vegetable oil on the pan or wok, now stir the oil around, put the onion and garlic cloves, now stir this until it sweats down.

Now put the chicken in, cook the chicken, but don’t overcook it, it should take about 3 minutes for the chicken to cook, take the cook chicken from the pan or wok and place it in a bowl for later.

Using the same pan or wok you used to cook the chicken with the garlic cloves and onion, now put the rice stick noodles in the pan, stir it around for about 2 minutes, add about ¼ cup of water to the noodles, this help wet the noodle down, stir it for about 1 minute, now add the sauce you made earlier onto the noodle, now using a tong (I prefer to cook it with a tong, because it’s easier to grab the noodle) stir the noodle together with the sauce until the noodle is covered with the sauce. This should take about 3 minutes, now place the chicken back in, stir it all together, this should take about another 2 minutes, and now add the green onion and beansprout for about 1 minutes.

Using the tong, take out the noodles, chicken and the goodies from you pan or wok, place it on the dish, and now you have a delicious Chicken Pad Thai to indulge for the lunch or dinner!



This food is cook at extremely high heat setting, so once you place the oil, it can be extremely dangerous if not careful, cook with caution as always.

As always, make sure you fully cook the chicken to avoid salmonella or any food related illness.