Introduction: Simple, Cute Bats!

Do you want an easy way to decorate for Halloween? Check out these easy bats designed by one of my students during the 'Decorate the Library: Halloween Challenge' in our library makerspace!

You will need:

- Black construction paper (or black foam sheets)

- Googly Eyes (multiple colors/sizes)

- Scissors

- Glue (we used hot glue)

Step 1: Fold the Black Construction Paper in Half.

Step 2: Cut Out the Wings

Starting at the fold of the paper, cut a smooth curved shape (the top of the wing). Then cut several 'wave' shaped curves to form the bottom of the wings. Make sure to leave 1-1.5 inches of uncut paper at the folded side (where my finger is pointing on the second picture).

Step 3: Cut Out the Head.

Cut a fat 'crescent moon' shape out of black construction paper. Two expert tips:

1) Use the paper scraps left over from cutting out the wings.

2) If you are making multiple bats, layer the black paper so you can cut out several heads at once.

Step 4: Glue the Head Onto the Wings.

Unfold the wings, and glue the head where the two smooth curves meet in a "V".

Step 5: Add the Eyes

Select two googly eyes to add to the head. You can pick two of the same, or mix colors and sizes of eyes to give the bats different expressions.

Step 6: Hang Up Your Bats Around the Room!

We attached them to the walls, but they could also be attached to strings!