Introduction: Simple Cute Cars for Charity

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Hello everyone,

In 2016 I started making simple wooden toys for charity.
This charity varies from year to year. Sometimes I donate my toys to underprivileged children. Sometimes I sell it and the proceeds go to an organization for persons with disabilities.

in this instructable I will show you how you can make these simple cute cars, they are really easy and fast to make! I made 10 of them for charity.

I also have a video about the cars:

Step 1: The Two Parts of the Car

I'm making my car out of two contrasting woods. I had some padouk scraps laying around. They are 42mm wide, and I'll cut them to 14cm length.

For the top of the car I planed down some beech stock. 15mm thick x 38mm wide. Cut them down to 92mm length, with a 30° miter.

Sand the two blocks smooth.

Step 2: Assembly Time

Drill 7mm holes for the axles to go through.

Glue the body together and use clamps!

Final shaping of the car on the belt sander! Round over all the edges.

I'm using an old skateboard for the wheels, I make my wheels with a 32mm hole saw. Glue them onto a 6mm dowel.

Put some mineral oil on the car and you are ready to play!

Have a nice day!

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