Introduction: Simple Small Switch Box for Electronic Projects DIY-Mini DV Cassette Hack

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Hello friends, I'm Ostin - I have designed a simple small switch box for my project(car reversing cam module) . I have made it using mini DV cassette. Might be useful in your projects too. Mini DV cassette hack.

Step 1: Tools N Equipments Needed

1) Mini DV cassette cover(plastic type not glass)

2) Driller

3) Ruler

4) Switch (2 A ) small (which fits in to dv cassette)

5) File tool

6) Matte vinyl sticker

Step 2: Measure the Switch

Measure the dimensions of the switch.

Draw the measured dimension in the dv cassette in preferred position using ruler.

I have used three switches.

Step 3: Use Driller

Make holes in the center of the drawn switch dimension.

Select drillpit dia according to the width of the switch

I have made three holes for three switches,in the center of each switch dimension,drawn before.

Step 4: Use File Tool

Use file tool to scratch away the plastics,to get the shape of the switch.

Step 5: Wrap With Viny Sticker

Wrap the box with Vinyl sticker before fixing the switches in to the box.

It gives a pro look now.

Step 6: SimpleSmallSwitch Box Is Ready

Finally made a small switch box . Drill on the sides to wire it up.Never forget to solder the wires in the switch.

Im using this switch for powering on/off reverse cams and lcd monitor.

switch 1 for rear camera ,switch 2 for front cam(side) ,switch 3 for lcd.

I'll upload -how to fix reverse cam in car , soon after completing it.

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