Simple DIY Wrist Rest Out of Balloon and Sock




Introduction: Simple DIY Wrist Rest Out of Balloon and Sock

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This is my first instructable. I have visited the site countless times and always got fantastic ideas from here and now decided to also share some of my work.'

I have really bad experiences with carpal tunnel syndrome - you know that painful feeling in your wrist when you have worked too much with a mouse and computer. If you don't use wrist rest, chances are that you have also experienced it. Using wrist rest, in my experience, helps to relieve the pain and reduce the risk of developing CTS.

Standard wrist rests can be bought from almost any store nowdays but it is more fun to create one by your own, isn't it?

The idea itself is not original, I have seen similar wrist rests done on Instructables site. But I decided to add few extras

The core of the design is simple:

1) Take one small balloon - suitable shape for your wrist, to keep it cozy

2) Fill it with water and tie it up (alternatively mix some gelatin with warm water to create thick gel ball)

3) Find an old sock that has no big holes in it and does not smell too bad

4) Stitch it up so the balloon hides in the sock. Be careful not to puncture the ball

5) Rest of the sock can be used as wrist wrap (ok, I know its lame :P)

Step 1: Find a Sock That Has No Holes in Itfitt and Does Not Smell So Bad

Place your filled balloon inside the sock, it has to fit snugly. Better is to use thicker sport sock, it makes the wrist rest more comfortable

Step 2: Stitch It Up

Careful... one wrong stitch and you are a whole lot wetter than usual ;)

Step 3: Here You Go

Res of the sock can be used for some other project - like a wrist wrap.

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    5 years ago

    If you use some kind of gel (Maybe hair gel) or plain gelatin with water (like you said) and maybe double or triple wrap the balloon (with other balloons) then maybe it'd be less likely to puncture.


    Reply 5 years ago

    I tried cooking gelatin and water with first design. The gelatin started to smell within a week and somehow the smell diffused through the ball... with water this has not happened. Good idea about using multiple balls.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanx :) It helps a lot, it costs pennies and you can experiment wit different size and shape balloons and colors of socks. Plus it's pure fun to create.