Introduction: Simple DiY Mobile MonoPod

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I had some PVC pipes lying around in my house and I thought to do something simple with it. So I came up with this mobile mono pod. Its super easy to make with just few pipe pieces. OK Lets gets started then...

Step 1: Making the Two Clips

The two clips are made from a 10 cm long 1 inch PVC pipe. As you can see in the picture the top and bottom part of the PVC pipe is given a clearence of 1cm. This 1cm wide section act like the clip portation of the mono pod. I started cutting the top and bottom 1cm section first. both the section are cut from the opposite side until they meet the centre line. After that cut the centre line on both side and you should end up a two section as shown in the picture. The width of longitudinal section is again 1cm fro both the sides make it more aesthetic.

Step 2: The Guidway Holes

So, inorder for the clip to move according to the dimention of the phone, it should have a guid way mechanism. I drew a centre line for both the two clips and at the midway of the length, drilled a 12cm hole with my drilling machine. The another hole 2.5 cm away from this hole. This hole is then joined uisng a hot soldering iron to form a continuous guide way track.

Step 3: The Supporting Leg

The supporting leg holds on the two clips of the mono pod. I used a 12cm long section for this. I used the same techniques as before. A 10.5 cm length long support is cut out from the PVC pipe. A 1.5cm length bottom section is kept untouched and it will be used to insert a I inch connector later. At the mid way of the supporting leg a 12mm hole is drilled in the center line. It will helps to hold the screw.

Step 4: Fitting Every Thing

Once all the section is cut out then place a I inch PVC connector on a 12cm long 1 inch pipe section. then the suporting leg is placed on the top part of the connector. The two clips are place one in front of another so that it can slid on top of another. a 12mm dia bolt is use tho secure the clips throug the hole in the supporting leg.

Take the phone and press the PVC clip against it and tighten the bolt on back of the supporting leg. The phone will be tightly secured. We can use the phone in both landscape and portrait mode wit this mono pod.

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