Introduction: Simple ESP-01 Testboard

I hate to connect ESP01 modules on breadboard so I've made simple devboard with programmer, some LEDs and switches on board.

Now I can easy test some IoT projects :)

Step 1: Step 1: Materials

You will need:

- ESP01 module

- CH340G

- Capacitors: 22uF x2 (SMDA), 100nF x 3 (0805), 68uF x 1 (SMDB), 22pF x 2 (0805)

- resistors (all 0805): 10k x 2, 2.2k x 1, 330R x 4

- 12MHz SMD crystal

- 4 mini SMD switches

- 4 leds SMD (0805)

- LM1117 SMD

- USB MINI socket

- some goldpins

Everything is on schematic.

Step 2: PCB.

I've made 2 PCB for this project. Unfortunately, I am not satisfied with the quality of these PCBs - everyone has something wrong, but I use my dremel and it works.

Step 3: Soldering

Step 4: Testing.

Test with server example from arduino IDE.

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