Introduction: Simple STM32 Heart-shaped Led Blinker

I need to learn how to make PCBs with UV method and I've create simple test board. Heart-shaped led blinker :)

Step 1: Materials:

You need:

- STM32F030F4P6

- 12 LEDs SMD (0805)

- 12 resistrors 1k 0805

- 3 resistors 10k 0805

- Battery connector and battery

- one SMD PMOS

- one SMD switch

Step 2: PCB:

My firsts PCB with UV method.

Step 3: Soldering:

Step 4: Cutting the Edges:

I use my dremel to cut edges.

Step 5: Create Animations:

I've made PC app in C# to create animations.

Step 6: Final:

Movie with animations (before cutting edges):

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