Introduction: Simple, Elegant Pallet Bed

This shows how to make an elegant and simple bed from standard EUR pallets (120 cm x 80 cm) for a 160 cm x 200 cm bed. It took two grown up people about 4 hours to complete, designing as we went.


6 standard EUR pallets (120 CM long x 80 cm wide)

In Europe, all pallets are safe to use - just look for HT for heat treated. In the US, forcing companies to use non-poisonous materials could cause extremely rich corporations to make slightly less money. Make sure your pallets don't have nasty stuff on them before you sleep on them. Check out this pallet bible:

160 cm wide mattress.

Paint for some headboard slats


Circular saw or jigsaw

belt sander

screw gun / screws

adhesive felt or rubber "feet" to prevent scratching floors

Step 1: Cut 4 Pallets From 120 to 80 CM Long

The 2 headboard pallets will only be 80 cm tall.

The 2 pallets at the foot of the bed need only be 80 cm as well, since they'll be combined with two full size 120 cm ones to make 200 cm of length for the mattress.

The remaining 40 cm pieces can be used to make wall shelves if you cut the base slats off and add a plank for a shelf.

Step 2: Prepare Headboard Pallets

Remove the bottom slats and block spacers from the two headboard pallets, leaving only the top face. Try to preserve the slats as best you can.

Sand the front face of the headboard pallets to taste.

Paint the slats you removed from the bottom of the pallet - we chose grey. Screw them onto the back of the headboard such that they cover the slots between the top of the pallet.

You should have two separate headboards - one for left and one for right.

Step 3: Sand Faces and Edges of Bed Frame Pallets

Pallets are kinda splintery. Give the top layer of the bed pallets a quick run with the belt sander. Run the belt sander at a 45 degree angle to each plank on the top of each pallet to take down the edges a little. Be sure to sand the outside edges well, as these are the parts you may still come in contact with when these pallets are the bottom of your bed.

Step 4: Put Rubber or Felt Pads on the Bottom of the Bed Pallets

You might also want to put these on the back of the headboard, in case it comes in contact with the wall it is resting against. This is to prevent scratches.

Step 5: Assemble the Bed in Your Bedroom

Orient the bed frame pallets such that the whole pallets are at the top of the bed, and the 80 cm bed frame pallets are at the foot, with the "cut" end oriented towards the center of the bed.

Now screw the headboard into the bed frame at the top, 2 or 3 screws per headboard panel. Make sure the headboard is square to the bed frame before screwing it in, and use shims if necessary.

Step 6: Install Mattress, Allow Children to Tenderize It.

Put your mattress on the frame and invite small children to jump on it to properly prepare it for sleeping on.

Enjoy your cozy bed!

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