Introduction: Simple Face Shield Using a Binder Sleeve

This face shield design uses:

  • a clear binder sleeve: binder sleeve
  • a simple 3D printed part
  • 18" long elastic band (0.5" or 0.75" wide)
  • office staples

My son. Aidan, and I came up with this simple design for my father in-law who needed face shields for health care workers at the retirement home he works at to protect agains the corona virus. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there were no face shields in stores or online.

Knowing we had access to a 3D printer at home we brainstormed what off-the-shelf items we could use to create the other components and decided to try a binder sleeve for the shield. The sleeve is clear enough to allow most tasks to be performed wearing the mask.

Warning: This face shield is an option to be used as a backup when official medical personal protective equipment (PPE) can not be procured. DO NOT use this face shield design for fabrication protection.

Step 1: 3D Print the Shield Support

Using any style of 3D printer, print the shield support file (FS3.stl) included in this page. PLA, ABS or any type of filament will work for this project. I've been printing these on a Flashforge Finder that only has a 5" x 5" print surface and can print one at a time. Most 3D printers should be able to fit two parts per print.

I print at 10% linear fill and it provides more than enough integrity. Print time is about 1hr and 10 minutes at 100 mm/s.

Step 2: Cut the Elastic and Assemble!!!

Cut the elastic band to 18" lengths and pass through the slots on the 3D printed part with ~1" tails. Then use a stapler and staple the band to itself at each end to ensure the bands don't come loose.

Make sure the staples come from the inside going outward or else the staples can catch on the users hair/scalp when wearing it.

The 3D printed shield support has 3 nubs in it to grip the 3 holes in the binder shield. Once you have all the materials, these shields go together pretty quickly.

I hope you found this instructable useful. My kids and I have been printing these non-stop and supplying them to local companies and hospitals. Please email me or drop a comment if you decide to make these and donate them to a good cause. I'd love to hear about it!