Introduction: Simple Fire Pit

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I needed a place to burn brush which comes from trees around the property that have to be trimmed yearly. This I think is the easiest fastest way to do one & was quite cheap for me since I already had what I needed just lying around. Still it should be fairly inexpensive for anyone who doesn't & the pipe is galvanized steel and rather thick so it should last a long time.

Step 1: Ready Your Pipe

You will obviously need a piece of pipe, a shovel, and a concrete block. I simply smoothed the ground out where the pipe would sit and stood the pipe up marking the ground with the bottom of the pipe making sure a good visible ring was left so I'd know where to dig. I then used the shovel to dig down about 6 inches of dirt around the ring the entire circumference. After sitting the pipe up in place I used my shovel to place dirt around the pipe inside and out to secure it in place. At one spot I dug out enough dirt to place a 12" concrete block which allows air to flow up from the bottom because we all know fire needs a good flow of oxygen. I then placed dirt around the block & tapped it all down nice and firm using my shoe.

Step 2: Meet Mr. Combustion.

Once I had everything in place I decided to add a bit of robo personality to my firepit. He will forever be known as Mr. Combustion.