Introduction: Simple Function Generator

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In my last instructable i showed you how to build pwm signal generator, and i used it to filter some other waveforms from it. In this instructable i will show you how to make simple function/frequency generator, how to drive relay with it and how blink led without arduino.

All you need is:

Step 1: Build It

Circuit is easy to build it consists of oscillator and frequency selector. The wire that sticks out can be connected to male headers near capacitors, to set the frequency

Step 2: Measure It

Output of your oscilator should look like this

Step 3: Build Filter

Filter is from my last instructable, but in this project i have soldered it on piece of perf board

Step 4: Measure Filter

Waveforms should look like this, first one is after one low pass filter, second one is after two low pass filters and last one is after one high pass filter

Step 5: 12V LED Blinker

This is example use of this project. I didn't putted resistor on the schematic. I've used it because light was too intense for my camera