Introduction: Simple Instax Greeting Cards

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Perhaps it's just me, but I don't like buying greeting cards. I always feel like they're a little impersonal and no matter how nice it is, it's still a greeting card and the recipient glances at it for 5 seconds before throwing it out.

With this project, you can personalize every card with minimal effort and cost, as well as recipients can keep the photo should they feel inclined.

This project is quite simple so my Instructable is really more for general inspiration.

Step 1: Supplies

Nothing to fancy here; everything I used (minus the photos) I bought at Michaels.

-Cards with envelopes

-Photo corners (the brand I used was Recollections)

-Stamps (optional, you could write in calligraphy or skip lettering all together)

-Instax photos or any other photos small enough to fit on a card

-Miscellaneous craft supplies such as ruler, pencils, etc

Step 2: Assembly

Basically, I just marked where I wanted the photo on the card before attaching so it wouldn't be lopsided. I also found it easier to peel the photo corners off and attach them onto the photo before sticking them to the card.

Because all my cards were thank-yous, I taped my stamps together. This helps you maintain sanity and even spacing between the marks.

Step 3: Send Them Out:)

And... that's it!

I just used white cards and black corners but these would look nice with a variety of colors.

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