Introduction: Simple LED Flip-Flop for Beginners

A very simple Flip-Flop circut for beginners

Step 1: Parts List

Parts list:
- LED X2
- Resistor: 10K (brown-black-orange) X2

- Resistor: 1K (brown-black-red) X2

- Electrolytic capacitor: 100uF X2

- Transistor: NPN like BC108 X2

- 9V Battery with connector

- Striped wire

- Breadboard

- Spongebob assistant (optional)

Step 2: Resistors

1K : Brown - Black - Red

10K: Brown - Black - Orange

Put resistors on the breadboard like pictures.

Step 3: LED

Put LEDs on the breadboard like pictures.

Notice to polarity of LEDs

Step 4: Capacitors

Put capacotrs on the breadboard like pictures.

Polarity is not very important

Step 5: Transistors

Put transistors on the breadboard like pictures

Step 6: Wiring

Connect point 5 to 11

Connect point 6 to 8

Connect point 2 to 9

Connect point 4 to 12

Connect point 7 to 10

Step 7: Battery

connect + to point 13

connect - to point 10

You can use 3V to 9V battery

Step 8: Run

You can use larger capacitors (like 470uf) for slower flashing and smaller (like 47uf or 10uf) for faster flashing.

Use a larger capacitor (like 470uf) for slower,or a smaller one (like 47uf or 10uf)for a faster blinking.


Step 9: Refrence