Simple Laptop Cooler / Stand / Risers / Notebook Nubbies for FREE Made at Techshop




Introduction: Simple Laptop Cooler / Stand / Risers / Notebook Nubbies for FREE Made at Techshop

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Does your laptop get hot on the bottom? If so you can easily make some laptop nubbies that will keep your system running smoothly. They are sturdy too.

I made them at Techshop using scrap wood that was laying in the bins.

What you need  = a piece of wood, Disc Sander and a Saw

Make Time = 10mins

Step 1: Mark the Wood

I marked the wood at 1", make sure you mark all four size to control the depth when sanding all sides.

Next, Start Sanding.  I used a disc sander (sorry I don't have a picture).

Grind in and rotate how you'd like it.

Step 2: Ohh La La

Did you finish up both side that quick?  If so, get ready for the next fast step.   Cutting

Just put your nubby ends into the saw and make em small.

Step 3: Bob's Your Uncle

And there you have it.  Laptop nubbies that will save your wrists and your computer. Toss the scrap wood into the pile for the next nubby fan to come and make theirs.

While this idea may seem simple and possibly (stupid) to some, just think.  Why pay for plastic based laptop risers that can only hurt our environment and drain our pockets.  It will take you longer to find the ones you like and buy them then to make ones that just work.

Thanks for tuning in.  Happy day, day !

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    9 years ago

    you can probably use erasers as well


    Reply 9 years ago

    Good thinking Thanks rbyram