Introduction: Simple Origami Crane

Equipment Needed:

A square piece of paper (we used 20 x 20cm): It can be any sort but the thinner the paper is, the better

Scissors: If you need to cut out the square

Your hands: Obviously.

HI everyone! This Instructable is about how to make an origami crane: something easy to start with if this is your first project. This is our first Instructable, so we're sorry if it's not understandable.

Step 1: Get the Paper

First get a square piece of paper. Craft paper and tissue paper will be best, but plain paper is fine too. You can also fold A4 paper so that one of the corners touches the side, and then cut it.

Step 2: The First Folds

Fold the paper in half with the two opposite sides overlapping each other. Crease the paper; then turn it 90˚and repeat. Then turn it over, and on the other side, fold the paper so that the opposite corners touch each other. Repeat with the other corners. You'll have 4 creases that go through the corner.

Step 3: The Hardest Part

Hold the corners of the paper and bring them together. You will have the shape in picture 1. Push it down from the top. You'll get a square. This might be hard, but try until you succeed.

Step 4: Make the Wings

Hold the square so that the corner points to the top. Take the corners on the sides and fold them to the crease in the middle, as shown in picture 1. Now open it, take one of the layers at the bottom corner and fold it up. Repeat for the other side.

Step 5: The Back

After you've folded them, you should have the shape shown in picture 1. Take the top flap and fold it down. Repeat for the other side. You should have the kite shape shown in the last picture.

Step 6: The Head

Now you should have 4 flaps. A front one, back one, and two hidden on the sides. Pull the side flaps up until you're satisfied with the angle. Now, take one of the triangles you have, and use a valley fold to make a head.

Step 7: Done!

If you want the bird to flap its wings when you pull its tail, put your finger into the gap in the wings and make it wider.

And you're done!

Made by: srusri & CrazyIceCream92