Introduction: Simple Package Sealer

I made some heart shaped chocolate pancakes topped with sprinkles. The thing is, now I have a whole lot of sprinkles in an open package, and accidents are waiting to happen. To combat this I made a variation of a cheapo plastic contraption I had back in the day.

Tools needed:

  • BBQ sticks (brochette sticks), or any other straight sticks
  • Pliers or any cutting tool
  • Rubber bands

Now, note that this would neither be airtight nor watertight, but it will save you from a sprinkle-y mess.

Step 1: Step1: Cut the Sticks

Choose three sticks.

Cut two (2) of the sticks about 2cm larger than the width of the package. This extra space is where you'll be putting the rubber bands.

Cut the third stick in any size, preferably about the same size of the package.

Step 2: Wrap the Sticks Together

Wrap the rubber bands around the tips of the 2 sticks until the bonds are tight.

Step 3: Place It and Enjoy!

Technically we are done with the assembly, we just need to learn how to use it.

Place the open edge of the package between the two long sticks and put the third one on the top edge of the package.

Fold the package on top of the third stick and insert it between the two long sticks.

Finally, pull the two long sticks up to the third one to make a really tight seal!