Introduction: Strong Paracord Loops

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How to make simple paracord loops with plastic cable ties and rubber bands. And paracord of course.

Step 1: Parts


  1. Rubber bands
  2. Zip ties
  3. Paracord
  4. Scissors

Step 2: Tie Paracord

  1. Tie both ends of the paracord into knots
  2. Now, tie both ends into loops.

Step 3: Reinforce Knots

  1. Reinforce both knots by wrapping rubber bands tightly around them.
  2. Secure the zip ties around the rubber bands. Make sure they are pulled as far as possible.

Step 4: Cut Ends

  1. Cut the ends of the zip ties
  2. Now you have a paracord with loops that will be highly resistant to coming loose.

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