Introduction: Simple Pipe Desk

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I do a simple (and fast) desk for my wife with galvanized steel pipe and carpentry wood.

Step 1: Glue the Top of the Desk

For first I glue all table of the top.

Step 2: Add a Reinforcement

I glue an additional table all around the top.

Step 3: Glue Border

To have a beautiful border effect I glue all around the edge of the top a frame.

First, for a good connect I cut with hand circular saw (and a guide to go straigt) all the border of the top (I remove 2/3mm of wood).

Then sanding all.

Step 4: Add Legs Support

I glued a block of wood with hole where to insert a legs (without use of glue).

Step 5: Base of the Legs

I add a wood base to the edge of legs.

Step 6: Legs (from Comment Request).

I don't know if exist on your country, but I find quite good price from LeroyMerlin (near my home).

3/4" of diameter is sufficient (and cheap) but 1" is more beautiful on 1,70m*0,72m desk. And 1m of 1" pipe about 7€.

You need this elements for 1,70m*0,72m desk:

9 * 50cm 1" pipe = 3,27€ * 9 = 29,43€

6 * 10cm 1"pipe= 0,78€ * 6 = 4,68€

2 * 1" coupling = 1,07€ * 2 = 2,14€

3 * 1" T (TEE) = 1,77€ * 3 = 5,31€

1 * 1" Cross = 3,65€ * 1 = 3,65€

The total cost is 45,21€.

And you need to cut the back legs.

Step 7: Mount Legs

Screw legs and insert in the hole.

Step 8: We Need Electricity

I use hole in the legs to pass wire.

Step 9: The Result

My wife is quite satisfied. ;)

Step 10: An Addition

At the end I do an addition for my wife.

Step 11: Thanks

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