Introduction: Simple Pumpkin Soup

Secrets of perfect pumpink soup is in cold water. If you will start cooking pumpkin in cold water it will release more flavors to water. You will mix part of that water together with pumpkin and it makes pumpkin soup much more stronger. If you want to elevate test little more you can make pumpkin soup with ginger, its good to boil fresh ginger together with pumpkin so it release more flavor and you can also add some ground ginger when you are done.

This pumpkin soup is great for gluten free, keto, vegan and paleo diet. For vegan pumpkin soup use coconut milk instead of heavy cream which is also option.

And I think this is one of quick pumpkin soups because baking usually takes so much time and if you want to boil it than you can't make it faster than 7-8 minutes because pumpkin needs to get cooked and release flavors to water. Maybe there are some microwave recipes for like 3-Minute Pumpkin Soup but I don't know any of them yet :-).

Step 1: Check Video :-)


  • Pumpkin Water
  • Optional: Ginger¨
  • Coconut Milk
  • Heavy Cream


  1. Clean up your pumpkin (remove skin and cut off stem)
  2. Cut in half
  3. Remove seeds
  4. Dice pumpkin
  5. Put pumpkin in pot and cover it with cold water
  6. Optional: add little bit of diced ginger
  7. Cook for ~10 minutes
  8. Seperate pumpkin and water
  9. Add about 3/4 of water back to pumpkin
  10. And mix it all together
  11. Optional: Top it with 1-2 tablespoons of coconut milk

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