Introduction: Simple Side Table

I'm trying to learn piano, but need a space to put books/iPad/coffee/cats while I practice. This was my quick and cheap solution. All I bought was a 2x4 and some screws.

Step 1: Before Table

This was the 'before' pic. We moved into this house about 3.5 months ago and haven't found a good spot for our printer and router. And lightbulb, I guess.

Step 2: Top and Bottom Build

Started by measuring the space I wanted the table in and making two identical squares. Glue and two screws where they meet.

Found a few free pallets and ripped them up. Cut them to size and attached them to my 2x4 squares. The hardest part of using pallets for this was that not all pallets are created equal. Some were very thin and some where very thick. So I took my time finding planks that matched well in thickness. Those big lighter colored pieces don't really fit in well with the rustic vibe those other planks are putting out, but it is nice and level.

Step 3:

Attached a piece of pallet wood to the front of the top and bottom pieces of the table to hide the 2x4. Found some nice/old/dirty pallet wood for the sides as well.

Step 4: Bringing Top and Bottom Together

Bringing the top and bottom together. I did the same on the back of the table. I cut a small hole in the back so that I can run cords through.

Step 5: It's a Major Award

It's a major award!

Finished product all sanded down so that cats don't get splinters. Nothing crazy, but it gets the job done and it's cheap. May experiment with a stain if I feel like getting crazy.

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