Introduction: Simple SolderWire Dispenser

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This is a simple DIY Solderwire dispense made by simple material everyone have.There's no need for 3D printer.


a plastic tube from a pen

3 popsicle sticks

a nail or a toothpick

a small plastic spool

some duct tape

some glue

a piece 5 cm long of a heating glue stick (the length depends from spool's size)

a new dispenser nose (from silicon glue or else)

Step 1: Preparation and Design

The design is pretty simple. We need the third Popsicle cut in square pieces of 10x5mm . 6 equal pieces of these dimensions and glued together by 3. These will glue to the plastic tube (don't forget to remove any plastic) at the both sides. They will help us the give a V shape of our construction like the image. When the support parts are glued attach the popsicles and glue to the 3 pieces like in image. At top place the piece of heating glue (of length about 5cm) with the spool and support it with some glue to the 2 Popsicles or a nail (like i did it). Use some ducy tape pieces to complete and support better the construction. At the bottom end of the tube add the tip and use some duct tape to support it better. The dispenser is ready and just put enough quantity of soldering wire (can support double layer).

My next upgrade is making this automating feeding but till then enjoy it and have fun.

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