Introduction: Simple Soldering /helping Hands Station

Heres the deal. You went web browsing to learn how to make a soldering /helping hands station. And you landed on this site. Best DIY user generated site on planet browser. Now i suggest you specifically search on the instructables site for soldering /helping hands stations. And see which one you like or need the most. There are many awesome ideas much better than this here. But i personally like this style. And it fits what id need it for.. So lets get crack-a-lackin..... By the way im usually always heavy on the glue and its never terribly pretty. Im more of a function over fashion kinda guy.

Step 1: Materials

Ah yes the coveted number 2 step. The materials list. Im gonna have to make a really hard instructable some time. Then somwhere in the middle of like 40 steps. Ill put the materials list in. Anywho. Quick, easy, simple list blink you may miss it.

1. Ball bearings: id say anything atleast half inch in diameter or larger will be what you want. Bought mine awhile ago want to say they are 1.25 in. Also adds weight to prevent tipping.

2. Alligator clips, or back in them hippie days (roach clips). Probably don't want to go to big here crush what your soldering. I also used the clips off the ends of a cheap battery tester. Note they have pinching power. So i used the rubber gips off the handles to put on the mouth. Grip and a bit of padding. Nice to the colors can distinguish between pos and neg for your project. glue gun and hot glue sticks. ♨ skin burn alert. Stop, drop, and roll that glue off your fingers quick. Ive noticed depending on the amount. Usually rubbing/rolling glue in a ball after skin contact minimizes burn. But always keep a deal of water near by. Trust me there. Plus im impatient. So it helps cool glue super fast.

4. Old AAA or AA batteries, if your of the wealthy descent you could use $10 rolls of quarters hehe kidding. Would work fantastic tho. And be worth like $65.

Neat lil trick for giggles...... Normally there is another word in front of giggles.... Take a darker colored marker and color glue sticks. Leaves a faint color after completely cooling. Doesn't ruin glue gun either.

Ok i lied on the blinking and missing. More of a eyes closed for a good snooze. Would be more like it.

Step 2: Whatcha Gluing There

Next start by gluing a battery to one of the bearings. After its set glue another bearing to the opposite side of battery. Now once that has set. I go back and blob on a bunch more to ensure hold. Cause after the next bearing is on. It gets heavy. And ive had them fall off.

But now glue one battery to each bearing to where they make the tip of what is gonna be a pyramid. Once they set. You can put a few blots of glue on each battery and get the third bearing on place. Then smother with glue gravy. Youll note that without cold water nearby there will be quite a bit of waiting time. So i speed every step up that way. You do run a risk of water getting between bearing and glue. Causing it to fall out. So be careful there. Once the bottom of your pyramid is set. Well you glue some more of course ;).

Step 3: Top of Mount Glueveous

Now your gonna glue a battery to each bearing while aiming them to form a peak. Its at the top of gluetopia where the magic of more glue happens. After the glue balls are all set and firm. get another ball bearing and place on top and stickify that guy in place.

Step 4: Glue Vs You in the Final Battle of Gluemandale

Here place your alligator clip where ever and at what pitch youd like it set. And.... Ok you know what im bout to say. So ya go ahead and do that right now. Me i used two clips one large one small. In case you need extra hands. With the heavy clip you need to call in Gluebatron from gluepiter to make sure the extra pressure it takes to open it. Doesnt snap it of. And there you have it.
A heaping but functional mountain of glue. ......



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