Introduction: Simple, Strong, and Inexpensive Outdoor Firewood Storage

Materials needed:

- Cinder or concrete block, the larger the better

- A large heavy duty tarp (camouflage or natural color to blend in to the surrounding area)

- Rough cut or finished cut firewood

- (Optional) Any type of treated or cedar wood poles, planks, or posts (I recycled some old fence post)

Step 1: Choose a Site.

  • That is away from the house or other structures
  • Make sure it is a well drained area.
  • It should be fairly level.
  • It should be easily accessible in any weather.

Step 2: Lay Your Blocks.

  • The size is determined by the size of your tarp.
  • The larger the blocks the better.
  • Recycle old ones with cracks or chips as long as they are solid.
  • Lay them holes up to prevent insect or critter nests.

Step 3: Lay Part of the Tarp Over the Bricks.

  • Allow part of the tarp to be an "apron" on the front part of the bricks hanging as close to the ground as you would like.

Step 4: (Optional) Lay Your Lumber on Top of the Tarp Covered Blocks

  • I used recycled poles so I staggered them to give me more length.

Step 5: Place Heavy "anchor" Firewood Pieces at Each End of the "shelf".

  • This prevents the stack from crumbling.

Step 6: Stack Your Firewood

  • I place newly cut wood at the bottom of the stack
  • Aged wood on top to be used first

Step 7: Fold the Remaining Section of the Tarp Over the Stack.

Step 8: Tuck Your Ends and Add Weights

  • The tarp should be flat across the top to prevent water pooling.
  • Fold the sides using "hospital corners" also to prevent leaking and water pooling.
  • Use heavy weights such as bricks, stones, wheel rims, or whatever strikes your fancy.

Step 9: Keep the Area Around the Stack Clear.

  • I keep the weeds and grass short.
  • I lay gravel down since it is also my chopping area.
  • Keep it stocked and stacked tightly
  • Enjoy!
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