Introduction: Simple Text Stickers

This will be a step by step guide to creating simple stickers that can be placed on smooth, flat, non-porous surfaces. (Note: the Rainbow sticker was not created via Cricut)

Step 1: Setting Up Cricut

  • Open the Cricut website
  • Make an account if you have not already
  • Once logged in, create a new project and download the Cricut add-on if prompted

Step 2: Use the Text Tool

  • Use the text tool to type any phrase that you want, for the purposes of my product I have typed the phrase "It be like that sometimes"
  • Select a font, preferably something with few cross-sections as this will make transferring the sticker harder

Step 3: Attach to Printer

  • Attach your PC to your Cricut printer and follow the instructions given
  • Place your Cricut paper on the sticky Cricut Board and insert this into the Cricut printer
  • When the buttons light up on the Cricut printer press them and the printer will begin to print

Step 4: Transfer

  • Remove the background vinyl and make sure all letters remain on the paper
  • Place a sheet of transfer paper over the vinyl words and press down making sure to put pressure on each word
  • when sufficiently pressed, pull up the transfer paper and place it on whichever non-porous, smooth, flat surface you want