Simple Touch Sensor Using D882 Transistor

Introduction: Simple Touch Sensor Using D882 Transistor

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Hii friend

Today I am going to make a Simple Touch Sensor using D882 Transistor at home.This touch sensor work when we touch in a wire.If we want LED should be glow high then we have to touch two wires.By using this circuit we can make a project that which childrens can play.This circuit is very useful. If you want to make this touch sensor then follow these steps.

Let's get started,

Step 1: Take All Components As Given Below With Pictures

All components are compulsory to make this project. This circuit contain very less components and circuit is very useful.

Components Required -

1.Transistor - D882 (1P)

2.Resistor - 100 ohm (2P)

3.LED - 3V (1P)

4.Input supply - 3-5V DC

Step 2: Solder 100 Ohm Resistor to the 3rd Pin of the Transistor

This Resistor is necessary to solder on 3rd pin of the transistor because we have to touch on the wire of 100 ohm resistor.

We have to solder on transistor as shown in the figure.

Step 3: LED Soldering

Now In this circuit we have to solder a LED you can choose any colour of LED as your desire but that LED should be of 3V.

Solder the Negative leg of LED to the Second Pin of transistor as shown in the picture.

Step 4: 100 Ohm Resistor Soldering

Now we require one more 100 ohm resistor to solder on the circuit. We will give the power supply to this resistor.

We have to solder this resistor on the +ve pin of LED.

Step 5: Power Supply

The main source of the circuit is power supply. It activate the circuit. We have to give power supply to the circuit DC 3-5V.To give power supply we can use any battery, charger like me. In this circuit I used 5V DC charger.

If you want to use charger then use low ampere charger like 0.5 -1 ampere. If you use high ampere charger then that can damage your circuit.

Connect +ve wire of the battery to the 100 ohm resistor which is connected to the +ve wire of the LED.

And Negative wire of the battery we have to connect on the 1st pin of the Transistor.

Step 6: Circuit Is Ready

Now circuit is ready to check and use.

As in the figure shows When I am not touching in the resistor then LED is not glowing.

Step 7: How to Use This Circuit

To Operate this circuit we have to Touch on the 100 ohm resistor which is connected to the 3rd pin of the transistor.

As you can see in the picture.

Thank you

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