Introduction: Simple Wall Hanging Bookshelf

Hi All,

In this instructable, I will share how to make a simple wall hanging bookshelf using discarded wooden flooring


  • Old wooden flooring planks
  • metal brackets
  • Superglue/ pva glue
  • Jigsaw
  • Screws

Step 1: Cutting

  • Cut wooden plank into
    • Two pieces of 7" x 24"
    • Two pieces of 2.5" x18"
  • I used a jigsaw to cut the pieces.
  • I recommend that the edges are sanded before we continue

Step 2: Brackets

  • Initially, I used 1" metal brackets to fix shelves to the wall base as shown
  • But this was not enough to take any load
  • So I added a wooden triangle as shown and glued them in place

Step 3: Hang It Up !!

  • Drill Holes on the wall
  • Hang the bookshelf
  • You can take assistance from your kid to tighten the screws
  • Decorate it and you are done

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