Introduction: Simple Watch Battery Holder

I was building a circuit that required 5v and was planning to use little watch batteries. While testing I could hold them in my hand and connect the leads but that got to be a pain. So I grabbed some odds and ends and made a quick simple battery holder.

Step 1: Supplies

I grabbed some plastic canvas from another project, the batteries and some rubber bands from my kids braces.

Step 2: Keep It Small

I cut a piece of the plastic canvas making sure to make the piece smaller than the battery pack height and width. I also tried to keep the fingers of the canvas long on the piece I wanted to use.

Step 3: Around First

Curving the canvas and adding some rubber bands made it easy to slide the batteries in place.

Step 4: More Rubber Bands

Adding more rubber bands made the pack secure and provided a nice place to position the leads.