Simple Water Level Alarm

Introduction: Simple Water Level Alarm

Hi, I am Monika form White field Nook

Today i will show how to make simple water level alarm.

Step :1


  • 9v battery.
  • 3 caps.
  • Switch
  • Small bazaar.
  • Wire.
  • Battery connector.
  • Cardboard sheet.
  • Aluminum sheet.
  • Sketch pen.

Step 1:


  • Cut the top of cap.
  • Paste the catted cap upon the other cap.
  • Then take the other cap paste upon the sketch pen .
  • Fold the aluminum sheet.
  • Then cut in to circle.
  • Paste the catted circle upon the cap.
  • Put into sketch pen .

Step 2:

Step: 3

  • Then take small bazaar ,switch and connect to battery ,wire .
  • Then cut the aluminum and fold into triangle .
  • Then hole the aluminum .
  • Then skit the aluminum sheet in another side of wire .
  • Then skit upon the cap.

Step 3:

  • Step :4
  • Then take the cardboard sheet and skit the battery ,small bazaar and switch.

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