Simple Wooden Stage Platform for Kids DIY




Introduction: Simple Wooden Stage Platform for Kids DIY

Kids loves to sing, dance, play shows...

Parents need that their kids will have something that will keep them busy, and if possibble, discharge their energy... :)

So, what's required is something to help them to perform both...

I decided to build them a very simple stage platform, which can also be used as a bed when they're tired after playing :):)

The stage can have different dimensions, but this specific build dimensions, are: Width 180cm * Depth 80cm * Height 25cm.

The full project can be seen at the attached video on the next step in this Instructable. Do you like it? I would love to hear your comments.

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Step 1: The Video With the Full Process

Watch the full project video.

Step 2: Tools & Materials


  • Wood boards, 2cm * 20cm (for top cover)
  • Wood profiles, 7cm * 4cm (for main structure / legs)
  • Paint.
  • Clear protective topcoat.
  • Screws in different sizes.

General List of tools I'm using -

Tools in this Instructable:

  • Any saw (Miter saw / Circular saw / Jigsaw)
  • Sanding paper.
  • Roller / Paint brush
  • Drill / Screwdriver.
  • Measuring tape.

Step 3: Cutting the Wood Parts

I started with cutting all the parts using a miter saw.

  • 4 parts of the 2cm * 20cm boards, with length of 180cm, for top cover.
  • 2 parts of the 7cm * 4cm profile, with length of 176cm, for the main structure horizontal frame profiles.

  • 4 parts of the 7cm * 4cm profile, with length of 68cm, for the main structure vertical frame profiles.

  • 6 parts of the 7cm * 4cm profile, with length of 23cm, for the legs.

Step 4: Building the Main Frame

I placed all of the frame profiles (horizontal and vertical ones) on a flat surface (table).

Then, I connected each long horizontal profile, with the 4 short vertical profiles (dividing the frame to 3 equal parts), using long screws (about 8cm long).

I put 2 screws for each connection.

I didn't use wood glue at this build, but of course that you can use to harden the connections.

Step 5: Connecting the Legs

After making the main frame, I connected 4 legs on the 4 corners of the frame.

I put screws from both sides of the corner for each leg.

Finally, I connected 2 legs at the middle of the frame.

Step 6: Placing the Top Boards

After finishing the frame and legs, I placed the 4 top boards on the frame. I left a few milimeters space between each.

The top boards total cover size, is about 2cm bigger from the frame on each side.

Step 7: Connecting the Top Boards

I connected the top boards to the frame using screws.

I put 2 screws on each connection with the frame vertical profiles.

Step 8: Strength Tests...

I planed the stage for kids weight... But I made some jumping to check its strength :)

I think it can hold 4-5 kids or more without a problem (ignoring it's small space). What do you think?

Step 9: Painting + Final Result

Finally, I sanded the stage structure, painted with color and protective top coat.

I really like this turquoise color... and you?

Step 10: Show Time

Dancing, playing, singing...

(These photos were taken before painting :))

Hope you like my project. I would love to hear your comments.


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    Question 6 months ago on Introduction

    Would this same plan work if you wanted a taller structure, like 4 feet tall or so? I want a platform the same size, but it's purpose is to be a deck for a kids treehouse so I want it to be raised higher off the ground. Would I need to change anything other than the posts that touch the ground? Would it need extra reinforcements? I'm very new to this kind of thing, so any advice would help.


    2 years ago

    What a great idea!


    Reply 2 years ago