Introduction: Simple Wooden Stage Platform for Kids DIY

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Kids loves to sing, dance, play shows...

Parents need that their kids will have something that will keep them busy, and if possibble, discharge their energy... :)

So, what's required is something to help them to perform both...

I decided to build them a very simple stage platform, which can also be used as a bed when they're tired after playing :):)

The stage can have different dimensions, but this specific build dimensions, are: Width 180cm * Depth 80cm * Height 25cm.

The full project can be seen at the attached video on the next step in this Instructable. Do you like it? I would love to hear your comments.

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Step 1: The Video With the Full Process

Watch the full project video.

Step 2: Tools & Materials


  • Wood boards, 2cm * 20cm (for top cover)
  • Wood profiles, 7cm * 4cm (for main structure / legs)
  • Paint.
  • Clear protective topcoat.
  • Screws in different sizes.

General List of tools I'm using -

Tools in this Instructable:

  • Any saw (Miter saw / Circular saw / Jigsaw)
  • Sanding paper.
  • Roller / Paint brush
  • Drill / Screwdriver.
  • Measuring tape.

Step 3: Cutting the Wood Parts

I started with cutting all the parts using a miter saw.

  • 4 parts of the 2cm * 20cm boards, with length of 180cm, for top cover.
  • 2 parts of the 7cm * 4cm profile, with length of 176cm, for the main structure horizontal frame profiles.

  • 4 parts of the 7cm * 4cm profile, with length of 68cm, for the main structure vertical frame profiles.

  • 6 parts of the 7cm * 4cm profile, with length of 23cm, for the legs.

Step 4: Building the Main Frame

I placed all of the frame profiles (horizontal and vertical ones) on a flat surface (table).

Then, I connected each long horizontal profile, with the 4 short vertical profiles (dividing the frame to 3 equal parts), using long screws (about 8cm long).

I put 2 screws for each connection.

I didn't use wood glue at this build, but of course that you can use to harden the connections.

Step 5: Connecting the Legs

After making the main frame, I connected 4 legs on the 4 corners of the frame.

I put screws from both sides of the corner for each leg.

Finally, I connected 2 legs at the middle of the frame.

Step 6: Placing the Top Boards

After finishing the frame and legs, I placed the 4 top boards on the frame. I left a few milimeters space between each.

The top boards total cover size, is about 2cm bigger from the frame on each side.

Step 7: Connecting the Top Boards

I connected the top boards to the frame using screws.

I put 2 screws on each connection with the frame vertical profiles.

Step 8: Strength Tests...

I planed the stage for kids weight... But I made some jumping to check its strength :)

I think it can hold 4-5 kids or more without a problem (ignoring it's small space). What do you think?

Step 9: Painting + Final Result

Finally, I sanded the stage structure, painted with color and protective top coat.

I really like this turquoise color... and you?

Step 10: Show Time

Dancing, playing, singing...

(These photos were taken before painting :))

Hope you like my project. I would love to hear your comments.


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