Introduction: Simple Outdoor Deck Gate

Had to close off my deck to make safe for granddaughter and pets. Used 3/4" pvc, 90 degree elbows, zip ties and plastic lattice panel.

Didn't glue the pvc - used the zip ties to connect the lattice to the simple square frame, and after putting some lattice on "hinge" side to prevent rubbing, used long zip ties to make hinges. Does not swing feely but works. Used clam clips to close it - they connected to zip ties on main post.

Photo #1 shows simple corners with standard pvc 90 degree elbows. Just cut the pvc straight and it will push (with effort) into the elbows. I chose not to glue them in just in case I needed to adjust the size. Fact is, once I got it together it was sturdy enough....then with the lattice on it there was no real need for the glue.

Photo #2 shows the hinge design (or no hinge design) just wrap heavy duty zip ties around post you want to mount it to and through the gate frame. Note there's a piece of plastic lattice that was left over - I am using it to protect the vinyl deck rail posts from damage in the event we move and the new owners don't want it there and also to maintain the height of the "hinges" so they don't slide downward. Was a happy accidental discovery....

Photo #3 another view of the "hinges"

Photo #4 the clips I used to keep gate closed. Simple clam clips - using the zip ties once again to fasten everything to the existing posts.

Photo #5 another view of the clips - I used one towards the top and one towards the bottom to prevent any ability to "push" the gate and squeeze under it.

Photo #6 Top view of closed gate

Photo #7 looks pretty nice doesn't it?

Cost me about $14 not including the lattice panel (anything that's rigid....)