Introduction: Simple Pizza With the New Yeast.

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Had to try this new yeast, as they claim there is no real rise time needed. Normally, I like to make rustic pizza the old fashion way, but just had to try this. You will have to see the whole instructable to see how it came out.

We also made a bread loaf that could be easily used as focaccia. Passwd the thump test and had a good crumb.
4 cups flour, 1 packet yeast, 2 cups water, and salt.

Step 1: Ingredients.

1 - package yeast. (I usually do not use that much.)
1 1/2 - cups warm water
1 - pinch salt.
3 - Tablespoons oil
2 - teaspoons sugar
2 - 2 1/4 - cups flour.

Step 2: Mix It All Up.

Add all the ingredients.  (oops I forgot to add the oil)
Stir it up. (No, mixer just a good wooden spoon and arm action.
Knead it for a bit. (add minimal flour till no longer sticky on the outside of the dough.

Hint: As per Maria Esposito, keep your hands wet and the dough will not stick.

Step 3: Spread Out the Dough.

Gently spread out the dough setting a lip around the pizza.

Step 4: Add the Sauce.

I just used regular cheap spaghetti sauce. Spread it out evenly. 
Does not require that much sauce. (maybe 3 tablespoons or so.)

Step 5: Add the Cheese.

Used a couple of handfuls of mozzarella cheese and spread it out evenly.

Step 6: Cook the Pizza.

In a preheated 425 degrees Fahrenheit oven insert the pizza.
Instructions recommend using the lowest level of the oven..
Watch the pizza and it should start being done in ten to twelve minutes. Your oven may vary.

Retrieve from oven.
Let cool a bit.

After thought: It was more like a foccacia Like it that way. Next time I may not use the whole package of yeast. Also expected it to be browner. Should of added the oil.  Pizza in the picture of the yeast packets did not have that dark of a dough either.

Step 7: Doing It From Scratch.

Was able to make the whole pizza in an afternoon.

Tomato sauce:
Prepare soffrito.
Add tomatioes
Motorboat tomatoes,
Add species and let simmer.

Bring milk to about 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
While it is heating, add a bit of vinegar and a crushed rennt  tablet
When milk starts to separate, turn off heat. You may need to reheat to 100 degrees Fahrenheit to complete the process.
Remove or spoon cheese to a strainer,
Use leftover liquid for polenta or to feed the animals.

Assemble pizza:
Sspread a light coat of sauce.
Top with cheese
Bake at 500 degress Fahrenheit.