Introduction: Simple Smartphone Bike Mount

Hi there!

I thought maybe you need a smartphone mount too and rather want to make one yourself.

Tools i used:


Material you need:

Step 1: Get Some Measures

Put your phone on the sheet of plywood.
Position it so that it will be a litle bit over the edge.

Mark it at the bottom of the smartphone that it will also go over the edge a little bit.

The plywood has to be a little wider then the phone to mount the zipties.

Mark the center of the longer edge of the rectangle.
Position the plywood a both your handlbar. It should be centerd to the bar with the previous line.

Now get the positions for the holes for the zipties. Mark the holes on the sides of the phone.
Now you also now how wide you need to cut it.

Step 2: Cut the Plywood

cut out the plywood as you have markt it.

Add the holes to run through the zipties.

Make some cutouts so the rubber band will stay in place.

Step 3: Mount With Zipties

mount the cutted plywood with the zipties to your handlbar

Step 4: Mount Your Phone

now use the rubber band to mount your phone.

I put the rubber band aorund the top of the phone.
then put the phone on the plywood
leash the rubber band around the bar on the oposit side
the put the rubber band again over the phone but on the lower side

i hope the pictures help with the routing of the rubber band.

TIPP: use wider rubber band as it will hold better on your phone.

The phone now can slide on the wood but is hold by the band and will stay there on even if you move over rough terain.

Please use your brain when mounting your phone like this.

I hope you like my  instructable and the quick sketches of my setup.
I will add some reality pics later...

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