Simple Stinkbomb Trigger

Introduction: Simple Stinkbomb Trigger

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The stink bomb should be an important tool for any basic pranksters arsenal, but it has one fatal flaw, lack of anonymity. A good prankster knows that the most important aspect of being able to pull off a good prank is to remain anonymous.

The traditional use of a stink bomb is to throw them down, but this is difficult to do without attracting attention to yourself, or to stomp on them subjecting yourself to the same unbearable fate you intended for your mark.

This Instructable will show one way of making an anonymous trigger for using stink bombs and can be applied to other pranks, where keeping you cover as a prankster is necessary.

Step 1: Parts List and Tools

  • box (I used a shoebox)
  • tape
  • mousetrap
  • ball
  • stink bomb
  • glue

If you do this exactly as I did, you'll also need a hot glue gun, otherwise any decent glue will work.

Step 2: Positioning and Gluing

You want to position the stink bomb where it doesn't interfere with the trigger on the mousetrap. I unhooked the spring on the mousetrap in order to glue the vial down without having to be concerned about setting it off.

Add a little dab of hot glue to the trap and then push the stink bomb vial down in the glue. I don't think there is any risk of shattering the glass with hot glue but putting the glue on the trap first, decreases the likelihood of it breaking in your hand. Once the glue is cool you can re-engage the spring on the trap but don't set the trap yet.

Step 3: Affixing Your Trap to the Box

Flip the trap over an put a little tape loop on the bottom of it. I'd like to point out a few things to consider when selecting a container for this. I used a shoe box, but just about any box can be used. The important thing is to make sure that the box you use is deep enough that it doesn't interfere with the trap going off. A shallow box might not let the striking arm of the trap swing closed swiftly, thus not breaking the vial. Stink bombs have a liquid in them that might damage certain surfaces if it comes in contact with them, so be careful not to place on sensitive surfaces, or use a liquid tight box and punch some vent holes in it.

Step 4: Setting Your Trap

It is best to set the trap at the destination and then add what you're using to trigger it.

In this instance, I used a ball. The idea is to place it in someone's car before they leave allowing the normal momentum and other forces involved to eventually set the trap off. This type of design allows the prankster options as to the size or weight of the ball. Larger balls seem to trigger quicker and more predictably and smaller balls are more random. I highly recommend some experimenting with the trap sans stink bomb to achieve the best results for your victim.

The trap can also be set and the ball added if you're careful to keep the box tilted so the ball is away from the trap, since the trap is taped down you minimize the risk of accidentally setting it off.

This is just one way to use this mouse trap design. It could easily be used to trigger an electronic device like a micro controller, camera or anything that you can replace a switch on.

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    7 years ago

    I like to set one under the toilet seat at work. Nobody ever lifts the as they set to do the deed, it pops they smell it and think WoW my insides are rotten. I still laugh thinking about it.


    7 years ago

    I used this design while on a short road trip with a friend, so my trial run was in a pretty confined space, and it was a bit overwhelming. I think a nice addition would be to use the trap to complete a circuit on a small fan like a cooling fan from a computer, to help disperse the "aroma". Lots of creative people out there, sometimes it just takes a simple idea to spark even better designs


    7 years ago

    I was recently a victim of a stink bomb prank, and would appreciate if you wouldn't make projects that could harm. Also, the police are not laughing: this is a 4th degree assault misdemeanor in my area, not really funny to have a fine and have it on your record...


    Reply 7 years ago

    I'm not sure why the police would be involved in a prank between friends. Seems as though it may have been more than just a simple prank...

    Great idea for a trigger setup!

    cracked footed troll

    I like your view on a response trigger, simple yet elegant are holes in a shoe box enough to disperse the full effect of the stink bomb?. I've only ever caught the tail end of one and that was in a hall where someone broke one in a locker and it was pretty much contained.