Introduction: Cheap DIY Environmentally Friendly Chemical Toilet

You use toilets? Wow! Me too. I think we might have a lot in common. What? You like movies and food too? This is getting scary. Who are you?

Step 1: This Is the Sequel.

I published a very similar instructable back a while ago. I was a bucket toilet rookie back then. I now am semi-pro so thought I'd republish. Why not? Yolo.

This doesnt really solve any major first world problems. Except that it does. Like the polluting of rivers. Not that that affects people on a day to day, not having clean rivers. Except that it does. Depends on how you look at it. Anyways now to it.

This instructable describes a quality bucket toilet setup, saving the composting aspect until later on down the road when the bucket is out of noseshot and the microbiology doing the composting can come from the soil.

Step 2: The Deodorizer.

In essence, the toilet is a bucket, plain and simple, However the magic factor is that it is a sanitizing/deodorizing bucket. There is going to be no smell. You could leave the bucket open without a lid if you wanted to, in a room in your house. It simply does not smell bad at all. No life, no stink.

You've got some different options for the sanitizer/disinfectant/deodorizer solution. Here's the ones I've tried:



Pine sol

*Dont Accidentally mix bleach and Ammonia. Very

They all work. You just use the bucket as a regular toilet and add a splash of deodorizer until it smells like the deodorizer. The homogenous liquid solution is now deodorized. You want it to be all liquid no sort of dry/sort of wet matter that could harbor life. Just use regular toilet paper, it should be fine. I keep a bottle of isopropyl alcohol with a sprayer type, you could just use lysol, you know to spray the air just like in any bathroom scenario. I like the alcohol because when you smell that in the air you know it's working. The lysol perfume smell I'm not sure whats going on, I mean I assume it's working too. I just dont want to think about flowers, meadows, and fresh rain in that context...

Step 3: The Dirty Work

Your bucket will need emptied out now and then. I personally dig a hole, pour it out, then shovel the paper back out and throw it in the fire. If you wanted you could dump it on your compost.

Diluted urine, or even fresh can be used as a fertilizer on in ground plants. dont use it strait after it has set though. It turns into plant killer. Going that route, keeping the liguid and solid separate, you can go the saw dust route with much less smell problems, no chemicals or pine sol necessary. In that case I have usedlike a 2 gallon stainless steel trash can and then just set the whole trash can into a hot fire.

I like this toilet route because I am not sure if human digestive cultures are exactly what I want taking over my compost. I know in theory we all live in harmany with our digestive microlife, I just dont know if most people's particular blend, including mine has reached that 100% perfect harmonium. I imagine harmonium as smelling better.

Step 4: Tips.

The regular toilet is ok. That kinked over sitting on a chair position is not the most natural position to evacuate the digestive cavity. To me, the full squat is where i want to be. Sorry if thats getting a little personal but in suggesting an alternative to the porcelain throne here, just know that there are some perks. Answer the call of the nature without even picking up the phone. Confuscius say.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. I dont know that theyre necessary here but if asked for, they will be added. Pictures, videos, my soul, whatever you want. Just ask.

Also, Ive taken a fancy to the gamma-seal bucket lids. Not the whole setup with the ring where it screws on, just the very lid part. It sets on top of a bucket well enough covering it and is easy take on and off. With the ring part it would be a more comfortable sit but somewhat harder to get clean. I dont know. Probably could just modify a regular 5 gallon bucket lid so it's easier to get on and off.