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  • Well, of course you dont have to change the cover photo. Just a suggestion. Big time tipi fan here, wigwams, longhouse, igloo, yurt, cardboard house, etc. Would like to see finished product as I'm sure others would too.

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  • Dude, you had a burning question about the burning questions.Yea, I did not even realize there was a list. Where's the list?

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  • Man, I am so done buying crapy saws.

    For about 5 bucks, you can get 50 hacksaw blades from harbor freight. Nice method for making a hacksaw.

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  • Wow, the instructables notification system could use some tweaking. I did not even know you replied to my comment. I cam back to say that I think I got it backwards, schedule 80 is typically thicker. I never even considered the conduit stuff for projects and it has the slip fitting built right in, no need to buy couplings. Pretty cool. Yea, I need a euro sealer. Never heard of Daiso. I live in Ohio.

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  • avocadostains commented on DhruvP57's instructable Mini Tesla Coile

    very cool. Im' not sure you even need the coils. Why does this work? lights are lighting up due to the overhead power lines.

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  • It's not about the contests man. Its about sharing how to's with the world and gradually continuing to improve on them and add to them. You can combine them, or split them into multiples, and if a contest comes along, just unpublish your best chance of winning, rework it, and republish it. I tweak mine all the time. Some look nothing like they did originally.

    Just publish them already. If a contest comes along, unpublish them and add more stuff to make them different/better and republish them.It will be easier and the instructable will be better than if you waited till the last minute to publish it.

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  • expose the bare wires inside and use it as a mini welder for very thin metals.

    make water ionizer, electrolysis, removal of rust by electrolysis.Use as power supply?

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  • Go to the local metal scrap yard. Theyve got all sorts of thick stock metals and if they're cool theyll sell you some. Harbor freight also has files for probably around what it would cost top ship them. Dont you want the hardest metal you can get for a knife? of is that all done through tempering after the knife is formed?

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  • Totally. I believe in non profit. Pay the workers and invest everything back into the business. THats hilarious about the breakfast meme. Love it!

    Haha. True. I concede.

    Or repurposed. Let the government and businesses use it for internal communications and have it actually be secure. If people want to socialize, let them actually talk to each other. (as I sit here writing this on my computer, I do see the irony.)

    I agree. They sold out and had some poor intial motivations/algorithms. It actually started as a 'hot or not' using college students pictures. It is unfortunat because the notification system/organization/settings customizability is top notch. I don't think their is a more advanced social networking site out there. Yet still the dark side of the force goes stronger with every new 'feature'.

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  • You can use 'Iron out' to get rid of rust on steel. it's oxalic acid.this build is wild. Seems like if they were massed produced they could be competitive with tile showers. Maybe even in price point, but if not at least for the same reasons you mentioned that you went with stainless over tile. Hows the slipperiness of the floor?

    You can use 'Iron out' to get rid of rust on steel. it's oxalic acid.this build is wild. Seems like if they were massed produced they could be competitive with tile showers. Maybe even in price point, but if not at least for the same reasons you mentioned that you went with stainless over tile. Hows the slipperiness of the floor?

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  • avocadostains commented on Sophia Vera's instructable Scooter for Kids

    So cool. I've replaced wheels on scooters using rollerblade wheels from thrift stores before. Most come with spacers and you can use either 1/4 20 bolts/washers/nuts with the spacers or you can use the next size up bolt if you take out the spacers. What I actually did was take off the bike wheel of a razor scooter and put a wheel on both sides for a younger child to ride it for increased stability. They're a little taller than skateboard wheels which may help with turns when riding the scooter. One wheel in the rear is of course better for steering than two but when i did it it was for a 3 or 4 year old so safety was the main concern. Nice build.

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  • Did not know that the grey pvc was more flexible than white. I thought they were the same material and the only difference was the wall thickness, or schedule, schedule 80 being thinner and more flexible than 40. You're saying it also makes a difference plumbing vs electrical?I made a greenhouse one with 1/2 inch white. It worked good. I used staples. I do not recommend the staples. The eurosealer looks cool. I know staples would work but im thinking clear tape would be better. Especially if kids are using them. You know how parents freak out about scrtatches, tetanus, etc. Will also be impossible to take the staples out without destroying the material, but with heat or tape it could be made take apartable. very nice detailed instructable and cool design!

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  • You gotta put a picture of the completed tipi. Have that be the cover image.How did you do the pop up text boxes on the photos? That is cool.

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  • That is both hilarious and impressive. Good work. "Instead of having a boring old orange amplifier sitting around, I decided to turn it into a meatball". Nice.

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  • It would 15 dollars or less cross country. If I remember correctly its around 120v dc. It also has a threaded shaft. Im thinking with the right gearing you could get some serius power out of it. Could be as simple as find a large wheel and using it to turn the small diameter motor shaft by friction. Like friction drive bikes. may be a good way to get more power out of your drill to. Peat the egg beater shaft up against the rear tire of a bicyle and get to pedalling. I can try to set up a 'best offer' ebay listing if you're interested and your 'best offer will just be whatever shipping is, plus the 10% that ebay takes, so instead of 15 it would be around $16.50.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the diodes, regulators, etc when using the hand crank. Just because the battery isn't in too much danger of overheating unless you charge it up to 100% or at a voltage that's way way higher than what it is supposed to take. If it's dying, it's thirsty, and if it gets too thirsty, it's dead for good.

    *Put, not Peat.

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  • well, maybe not a week before dropping to 50% battery, but at least 3 days.

    Thanks for the reply. I did have some of my own images but did not feel that they added much to the instructable. I'll add them though and take more pictures. I have come up with my own recipe for an electrolyte drink that I could add to this instructable.Are you saying that no images that are not yours personally can be used, or just that you should have some of your own too? I did have an instructable recently deleted about natural teeth cleaning, probably for the reasons you mentioned, I'd like to get that back if possible to add as a step to this instructable

    not a big deal though if it is gone for good.

    Also, did my smartphone battery life extension instructable make the cut or should do some tweaking there too? I'm getting a week's worth of battery life out of my phone before it even drops to 50%. Let me know. Thanks!

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  • I'll check for you. I'm going to the post office today anyway.

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