Introduction: Simple Trap (with Sauce Packet)

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This is a simple way to turn a small packet of ketchup, mustard, or as i used, taco bell sauce, into a simple trap! The premise of this trap is that when you step on it, the package will bust open and explode on the victims shoe/foot! This is extremely simple and cheap, so you could make as many as you want.

This trap is also incredibly lackluster and the chance of hurting someone with it is little to none. It is great for annoying friends though!

Step 1: Acquire Suplies

It's hard being the middle sauce, because you get turned into a trap! Any sauce package will do. Ketchup is a more common one to use, but my love for Verde Salsa made me want to use it.

The sauce is the only required feature. Paint (does not need to be puffy, It was just all i had on hand), paintbrush and scissors are all optional, but make the trap harder to notice.

Step 2: Cut Off Any Bumps or Ridges

MAKE SURE YOU DON'T CUT FAR ENOUGH TO GET INTO THE SAUCE. Only cut the edges or ridges on the ends of the packet that are intended to help the user rip it open.

Step 3: Chose Your Method

There are two working methods that I've found. One is the squeeze the sauce to one end of the bag then twist the empty side until the sause is compressed to almost bursting. The other is to just twist the bag in half until It almost bursts. Both are equally messy when stepped on.

You could stop at this stage (And even skip cutting the ridges off) if you think your victim won't notice. I'm going for sneaky and hard to notice, so i will continue, using the first method. If you plan to make it harder to see, I recommend the first method as it will look less suspicious.

Step 4: Paint It Up!

Turn the packet white side up. (The green sadly isn't the best base)

Paint the packet black then let it dry. Taking the grey (You can mix equal parts black and white if you don't have grey) paint a thin layer, so you can still see the black underneath. Let this dry as well. Take white paint in small amounts and speckle it around. Do the same with the black. Let it dry and prepare for your prank.

I apologize for not having any pictures of the painting process, but remember to paint to your environment. Obviously if you're going to place this in scattered rocks of different shades it will blend, but if you plan to place it on concrete, try using less black and a lighter shade of grey. Maybe just use the original green for hiding in grass!

Step 5: Hide It!

Put your 'rock' in some rocks that don't have larger rocks around them. (If there are larger rocks, the victim could step on them instead, diverting pressure from the trap and causing it not to explode, but unravel instead.)

Lie in wait and prepare to capture the moment or realization on your victims face when they step on it!